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Jones.Show: Jonesing For Good

Jan 3, 2019

G.W. Bailey became internationally known as a professional actor for his portrayal as Capt. Harris in the Police Academy film series. He is also widely recognized as Sgt. Rizzo from the “M*A*S*H” television series and for his other feature and TV movies. He was a regular on the TNT television hit series “The Closer” and on “Major Crimes.”

After serving as a Sunshine Kids volunteer for fifteen years, G.W. Bailey became the Executive Director in 2001. He has overseen the expansion of National Events that now include ten destinations and involving volunteers working nationwide with the Foundation to provide trips and activities for hundreds of young cancer patients annually.

G.W. was introduced to the Sunshine Kids by his goddaughter Brandy Aldridge who had been diagnosed with leukemia. Her experiences with other Kids who were also fighting cancer had a profound effect on Brandy, her family and friends. She inspired G.W. to begin working with the Foundation to create more activities that would reach as many Kids as possible. His work with the Sunshine Kids has always been dedicated to the memory of this remarkable young woman.

On This Episode

Randy takes great joy in finding G.W. asleep on the couch when he first arrives. G.W., not so much. Randy throws a fit over a plot twist at the end of “Major Crimes.” Randy obsesses over “Police Academy,” too. G.W.’s heart belongs to the children with cancer who benefit from Sunshine Kids. G.W.’s advice: “As long as you’re doing something for someone besides yourself—just find something bigger than you.”

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