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Jones.Show: Jonesing For Good

Feb 21, 2019

Judge Patricia DiMango serves as one of three judges on CBS Television Distribution’s syndicated court show HOT BENCH, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin. The former Administrative Judge of the New York State Supreme Court Criminal Term in Brooklyn, Judge DiMango holds a Juris Doctorate from St. John’s University, a master’s degree from Columbia University in Developmental Psychology and a bachelor’s degree cum laude from Brooklyn College in both Psychology and Education.

On this Episode:

Randy is obsessed with HOT BENCH because of the lessons learned that apply to interactions inside and outside of the courtroom. Patricia and Randy focus primarily on Patricia’s unpredicted stand-up comedy skills and the principles of law that can also apply in the real world: how to tell if someone if lying to you, judging vs. being judgmental, having unclean hands, credibility and accountability.

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