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Jones.Show: Jonesing For Good

Apr 28, 2022

On the cusp of her big break as Paula Pokrifki—the Debra Winger role—in the National Tour of “An Officer and a Gentleman, The Musical,” 24-year-old New York theater actress Mia Massaro received a devastating diagnosis. But the show must go on—and it did.
Mia Massaro is a New York City based actor but grew up in Vineland, New Jersey (basically the South) with her parents Andrea and Dominic Massaro and two older brothers, Andrew and Patrick. She studied musical theatre performance at Marymount Manhattan College and graduated in 2019. 
Since then she’s been killing the survival job game while also getting her first two equity jobs in March of 2020, and we all know what happened there. 

She started doing theatre with The Gabriel Project which is a nonprofit organization based out of South Jersey that would produce and put on musicals to raise money for children in Africa. That money would go towards bringing those children over to the United States to have life saving surgeries, something she now knows a little something about. 

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