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Jones.Show: Jonesing For Good

Apr 4, 2019

With fashion as their platform, best friends and business partners Karen Hansen & Laura Rachlin of Wren & Roch are on a mission to empower victims & survivors of rape, domestic violence and childhood sexual assault by raising awareness, eliminating stigmas and educating for the prevention of abuse.

At the intersection of high fashion and giving back, each Wren & Roch handbag, proudly made in New York City, financially benefits select Allies while positively impacting lives. Laura and Karen no longer carry the shame and embarrassment of rape and abuse—they stand strong as survivors, grateful for every experience that has brought them to where they are today.

On This Episode:

I first met Laura and Karen at an event. When the pair introduced the topic of rape and sexual abuse, I listened intently. As their very personal stories unfolded—though I became sad, shocked and angry—I was ultimately mesmerized by their selfless ability to re-live the most horrific events in their lives to help others. During the Q & A, I stood and thanked them for their willingness to share and candidly asked: “Why am I the only man in the room?”

Through this podcast, the three of us hope to encourage more women—and the men who love them—to join us “in the room.”

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