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Jones.Show: Jonesing For Good

Nov 28, 2019

Susan C. Bennett is the original voice of Siri and a powerful creative force on JONES.SHOW.* As a popular voice-over artist and singer, Susan has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV commercials for such clients as McDonald's, Macy's, Goodyear, Papa John's, Fisher-Price, and more.

She is the voice of Delta Air Lines gates worldwide as well as numerous GPS and phone systems. She has appeared on nationally televised programs “The Mariah Carey Merriest Christmas Special,” “The Queen Latifah Show,” CNN, “Showbiz Tonight,” “The Jack & Triumph Show,” the new “To Tell the Truth,” and she read the Top Ten list for David Letterman!
Susan’s growing popularity as a public speaker (“Accidentally Famous”) has taken her all over the U.S. as well to international destinations such as Croatia and Australia.

But hold the iPhone, there's more. Bennett wryly confesses: "The original voice of Siri is a complete 'non-techy.' If there's a wrong button to push, I will find it!"

*JONES.SHOW is a weekly podcast featuring host Randall Kenneth Jones (author, speaker & creative communications consultant) and Susan C. Bennett (the original voice of Siri).

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